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City Profile For:


Pronounced: "mah deen ah"

"no slogan"

County: Bandera County & Medina County
Zip Code: 78063, 78056Area Code: 830Time Zone: CST
Coordinates: Lake center line at 29° 32' N, 98° 56' W
Location: 40 mi NW of San Antonio, 39 mi NE of Hondo
Highways: TX-16, RR-1283, PR-37, near RR-471, RR-173
Creeks:Rivers: MedinaLakes: Medina

Quick Link To: Directory Listings In This Town


CITIES: This area includes the following surrounding cities/towns/communities.
(Note, this area is not to be confused with the town of Medina (also in Bandera County) some 30+ miles to the NE)
  • Bandera Falls: A tiny unincorporated residential community in SE Bandera County on FR 1283 N of Lakehills; 7 mi SE of Bandera; 5 mi S of Pipe Creek; It lies along the L bank of the Medina River, just N of its outlet into Medina Lake; Zip code: 78063; Handbook of Texas Online; Wikipedia
  • Medina Lake Shores/Highlands: An unincorporated residential community in SE Bandera County, on N shore of lake, on PR-37 just W of FR 1283; Zip code: 78063; elevation: 1,083 ft
  • Lakehills: A CDP in SE Bandera County on PR-37 off FR 1283; 8 mi S of Bandera Falls; coordinates: 29.584° N, -98.948° W; elevation is 1,227 ft; Population (2010): 5,150; COL Index (2008): 80.0; Area: 30.3 sm; Zip code: 78063; Handbook of Texas Online; Wikipedia
  • Mico: A fishing resort on FR 471 just E of the main dam at Medina Lake in NE Medina County. The name Mico comes from the acronym for the Medina Irrigation Company. The community's post office was established as Mico in 1911, changed its name to Medina Lake in 1916, and was renamed Mico in 1923. It closed permanently in 1967. Mico was a terminus for freight shipped on the Southern Pacific to Dunlay for the construction of Medina Dam in 1912. In 2000 the population was estimated at 98. Zip code: 78056; Handbook of Texas Online; Wikipedia
Note, Rio Medina is located just SE of this area in the low flatlands, and is not within the Texas Hill Country.


NEIGHBORING TOWNS: 23 mi SE of Bandera, 29 mi SW of Boerne, 13 mi S of Pipe Creek

PRINCIPAL BUSINESS: Lake recreation, retirement

MAJOR ATTRACTIONS: See full details in Directory below.
Medina Lake
  • MEDINA LAKE: This lake is the focal point of the area. The lake is an artificial (man-made) reservoir on the Medina River, and its center is 8 mi NW of the Medina River in SE Bandera and NE Medina counties. This lake was constructed to irrigate farmlands in Medina, Bexar, and Atascosa counties, but it also became an important recreational facility. A diversion dam and reservoir 4 mi below the main dam eliminated the need for 4 mi of canal work. This smaller dam covers 400 acres. The entire irrigation system was designed to operate by gravity (without the use of pumps).
    • Lake Shape: crescent-shaped reservoir running W to E, 18 mi long and 3 mi wide at its broadest point.
    • Dam: Medina Dam (Wikipedia) at the lake's S end, completed 1912 (private financing), impounded: 1913. TPWD Profile. Facebook
    • Inflow: Medina River; Outflow: Medina River
    • Surface Area: 5,575 acres at spillway level, and 6,260 acres at flood stage
    • Maximum Depth: 152 ft
    • Average Depth: spillway level is 75 ft
    • Shore Length: 110 mi
    • Surface Elevation: 1,062 ft
    • Water Conditions:
    • Conservation Pool Elevation: 1,064 ft. msl
    • Lake Level Fluctuation: Large fluctuations, up to 40 ft, based on area rainfall
    • Normal Clarity: Clear
    • Reservoir Reservoir Controlling Authority: Bexar/Medina/Atascosa County Agricultural District, 830-665-2132; PO Box 170, Natalia, TX 78059
    • Boating
    • Lake History and Photos:
    • Facebook 1, Facebook 2
Some of the very nearby attractions include: Medina Dam
  • Bandera: Cowboy Capital; Dude Ranches; Frontier Times Museum; Golf; Polly's Chapel
  • Boerne: Agricultural Heritage Center; Cascade Caverns; Cave Without A Name; Cibolo Nature Center; Enchanted Springs Ranch; Historic Downtown Boerne; Golf
PARKS: There are many state and county parks in the greater area as profiled on the Parks page. These nearby parks include:
  • Bandera: Hill Country State Natural Area Park; Mansfield Park
  • Helotes/San Antonio: Government Canyon State Natural Area, 210-688-9055; 12861 Galm Rd. Government Canyon. 15 mi SE of the Lakehills/Medina Lake area; in the NW corner of San Antonio, and just outside the Hill Country
Local parks include:
  • Avalon Park: No longer a public park. On Lake Medina, on southern end of the main peninsula, on Plum Cove Rd
  • Bandera County Park at Medina Lake: Lakehills, off Mountain Dr, at N side of lake
  • James Anderson Memorial Park: 12788 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063
  • James E Anderson Park: near Beacon Point, at Plum Creek Cove, a private park not open to the publc
  • Medina Lake Park: on PR-37 at Plum Creek Cove
EVENT CALENDARS: Festivals & Major Events; Local Activities & Fun Things To Do; Farmer & Flea Market Days; Specialty & Seasonal Market Days; Art & Galleries; Quilting & Fiber Arts; Car Shows; Motorcycling Events; Beer & Brewing; Wine; Pet Events

WEATHER: Local Weather (Boerne); Hill Country-wide Weather

  • On-Line News: Google News
  • Newspapers, Radio/TV, Articles & Videos:
MAPS: Local Google; Hill Country Special Maps

HISTORY: Handbook of Texas Online: MEDINA LAKE. Medina Lake, an artificial lake on the Medina River, is eight miles northwest of the Medina River in southeast Bandera and northeast Medina counties (its center is at 29°32' N, 98°56' W). The lake was constructed to irrigate farmlands in Medina, Bexar, and Atascosa counties, but it also became an important recreational facility in the area.

Henri Castro explored the Medina River Valley in the 1840s and saw that its deep canyons could be used to irrigate farmlands to the south if water that periodically flooded the canyons could be contained. Castro's observation went unnoticed until the end of the nineteenth century. In 1894 Alex Y. Walton, Jr., a civil engineer from San Antonio, became excited by the possibility of impounding the Medina's floodwaters and discussed the idea with Terrell Bartlett and Willis Ranney, also civil engineers from San Antonio. The three could not raise the necessary funds for building a dam until 1910, when they were put in touch with Frederick Stark Pearson, an engineer who had been involved in power projects in North and South America and had the confidence of investors.

Pearson successfully raised $6 million to finance the Medina dam and irrigation project through the sale of bonds to British subscribers. On August 19, 1910, the Medina Irrigation Company paid $149,200 for land to be placed under irrigation. Offices of the company had been established in San Antonio. Bartlett, Ranney, Walton, Thomas B. Palfrey, and Duval West, all of San Antonio, filed on August 19, 1910, for the appropriation of the waters of the Medina River for irrigation in Medina, Bandera, Kerr, and Kendall counties. The amount of land to be irrigated was estimated to be 150,000 acres.

In the spring of 1911 the Southern Pacific Railroad laid track from Dunlay to the site of the main dam, fourteen miles north of Castroville. The railroad and improvements in roads from San Antonio, Castroville, and the Medina River to the dam site made it possible for work on the dam to begin in November of that year. The dam was completed in November 1912. At the time, it was the largest dam in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. It forms a reservoir of 5,575 acres at spillway level and 6,260 acres at flood stage and impounds 254,000 acre-feet of water at spillway level. The lake has a shoreline of 100 miles. The maximum depth of water at the dam is 152 feet, and the average depth of the lake at spillway level is seventy-five feet. A diversion dam and reservoir four miles below the main dam eliminated the need for four miles of canal work. This smaller dam covers 400 acres. The entire irrigation system was designed to operate by gravity, without the use of pumps.

World War I cut off access to British capital, and the Medina Irrigation Company was placed in receivership in 1914. Under the receivership no land in the project was sold; it was instead leased to farmers who bought irrigation water for their crops. After the war, bondholders in the receivership organized in London and began an effort to sell the Medina Irrigation Company. The sale did not occur until 1927, when the newly formed San Antonio Suburban Irrigated Farms bought the company. However, this company soon had financial difficulties and was placed in receivership in 1930. The next Onr, Medina Irrigated Farms, was sold on November 22, 1950. The dam is now operated by Water Improvement District No. 1. The lake continues to serve as a source of irrigation and municipal water, as well as a recreation center.

See HTO listings for each town located here.

PRIOR CITY NAMES: MICO (capitalized)



AVAILABLE SERVICES: Gas: yes; Convenience Stores: yes; Restaurants: yes; Lodging: yes; Grocery Stores: yes; Banks: yes; Vehicle Repair: yes; Hospital: no; Med Clinic: yes; Post Office: no; Public Schools: yes; Cemetery: yes


We welcome inquiries, comments and submission of updates, additions, corrections
& digital photos, without compensation. Send to:




AMERICAN RIDERS: 4997 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063. Motorcycle Shop

C&H DIESEL & AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR: 830-751-2469; 178 Laurel Ridge Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063. Facebook

D&H AUTOMOTIVE: 830-751-2512; 12241 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063

EXPRESS ROAD SERVICE MOBILE TRUCK REPAIR & TRAILER REPAIR: 210-723-6241; 293 Northlake Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063

HP TRANSMISSION & AUTOMOTIVE: 210-323-5551; 19970 FM-1283, Mico, TX 78056

SHELL: 830-612-2070; 9335 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

STEINS AUTOMOTIVE & LUBE: 830-612-3050; 8866 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063

JOE'S PLACE MARINA & RESORT: 830-612-3775; 200 CR-2620, Mico, TX 78056. Boat rental

WALLYS WATERSPORTS: 210-859-5246; 7162 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056. Boat storage, ski instruction, kayak rentals, pro shop.


FAITH TABERNACLE: 830-612-2010; 7789 FM-1283, Pipe Creek, TX 78063, Lakehills, TX 78063.
FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: 830-751-2404; 150 Ave J, Lakehills, 78063.

LAKEHILLS BAPTIST CHURCH: 830-751-2006; Lakehills, TX 78063

ST FRANCIS CHAPEL: CR-271, Mico, TX 78056

ST VICTOR CHAPEL: 830-460-4712; 10514 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063. A mission of St. Stanislaus Church (see Bandera). Annual Hunter's Supper

WESTERN HERITAGE MINISTRIES: 830-535-6575; 7146 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063

Dial 911 in emergencies
(Police, Fire, EMS/Medical)
Dial 911

Crime Stoppers
CRIME STOPPERS-REPORT ANONYMOUSLY: 1-800-222-8477; or click: Stoppers

LAKESHORE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT (VFD): Admin: 830-796-7404; 9019 Wharton's Dock Rd, Bandera, TX 78003

MEDINA LAKE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT: Admin: 830-751-2525; 10660 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063-6700.
Fire & Rescue
MICO VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT: 830-751-2658; POB 6353, 7121 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056., Facebook. Sub Station: 140 CR 260 W, Mico, TX 78056



LOCAL COUNTY GOVERNMENT: See: Bandera County Government Offices & Medina County Government Offices

STATE & FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: For offices that represent the Hill Country,
see: Texas & Federal Government Offices
Note, there are no US Post Offices in the immediate area. See Bandera.

CRISIS HOTLINES: click Hotlines-Emergencies


See full list of leases for this town at: Hunting & Fishing.

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BOB'S COVE: 830-612-3877; 1200 Mountain Rd, Lakehills, TX 78063

BULLWINKLE'S LAKE CABINS: 806-548-3378; 9948 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

COTTAGES AT PLUM COVE: 866-796-0660; 830-522-4661; Lakehills, TX

GUEST HOUSE AT MEDINA LAKE: 866-796-0660 or 830-562-3545

HIDEAWAY AT MEDINA LAKE: 866-796-0660; 830-522-4661; Lakehills, TX

LAKE MEDINA RV RESORT: 888-722-2640; 830-751-2640; Lakehills, TX

MEDINA LAKE CABIN RENTALS: 210-520-6259; Lakehills, TX. For Sale

(The) OVERLOOK EVENT CENTER: 830-751-3868; 169 Private Road 1710, Mico TX 78056. 4 overnight luxury suites among other facilities at this event center. See more below.

PARADISE CANYON: 830-751-9911; 2220 CR-2615, Rio Medina, TX 78066.

PLUM COVE COTTAGES: 512-680-4633; 151 Choctaw Trail, Lakehills, TX 78063

POP'S PLACE ON MEDINA LAKE: 830-535-4366; Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

Note: Check RV Parks below for availability of cabins, guest houses and other accommodations.


CDR MEDICAL SERVICES: 830-612-2467; 1370 CR-2720, Mico, TX 78056

LAKEHILLS DENTAL CENTER: 830-612-2626; 8500 FM-1283, Ste L, Lakehills, TX 78063.

MEYERS, JOHN, DR: 830-612-2512; 108 CR-2602, Mico, TX 78056


CAJUN MINI STORAGE: 210-520-6259; 377 5th St E, Lakehills, TX 78063.

CEDAR POST SHOPS: 830-751-2848; 9735 FM-1283, Mico, TX

CHAPARRAL POWER & EQUIPMENT LLC: 830-522-0747; 252 Mustang Crossing Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063. Lawn mower store

COLGEN LP: 830-751-3005; 170 Park Dr, #1731, Lakehills, TX 78063, Professional services

CUSTOM TATTOOS BY ANDY: 210-542-9925; 239 Alamo Beach Rd, Lakehills, TX 78063. Tattoo shop

DOLLAR GENERAL: 830-751-2911; 9258 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

FINLEY POTTERY: 830-612-2030; 6914 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056.

HAPPY TAILS ENTERTAINMENT: 210-385-4351; 328 Mustang Crossing Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063.

HILL COUNTRY GROCERY STORE: 830-751-3700; 8949 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063. Grocery store

JIM'S REBAIT TACKLE SHOP: 830-751-2749; 12451 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063

KRAFT DISTRIBUTING: 830-751-3309; 305 Private Road 1715, Mico, TX 78056

LAKEHILLS TRUE VALUE: 830-751-4040; 8950 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063


LOST SURBER RANCH: 210-385-1947; 803 Private Rd 2670, Mico, TX. poultry ranch, variety of birds, chickens, turkey, geese, ducks, quail. Sell eggs, chicks

MASONRY SUPPLY: 830-751-2694; 11363 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063

MASTER GAMES INTERNATIONAL INC: 830-510-4211; 866 River Trail, Lakehills, TX 78063. Media company

MEDINA LAKE BELLS: 210-388-2471; 7375 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063. Art center

MYSTIC HAWG VAPING: 830-751-2577; 9216 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063

OBY'S DELIVERY & INSTALLATION SERVICE: 830-612-2314; 3360 CR-265, Mico, TX 78056

OUTLAW BARBER SHOP: 210-325-6692; 9615 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063

(The) OVERLOOK EVENT CENTER: 830-751-3868; 169 Private Road 1710, Mico TX 78056. Large meeting facility, plus bar, fitness center, pool, hot tub, pavilion and luxury suites.

SCHOTT WILTON: 830-538-2378; 3520 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056

SOUND SERVICES: 830-612-3176; 875 CR-270, Mico, TX 78056

STRIVE 24 FITNESS & SALON: 830-612-2300; 8500 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

TEXAS CONCRETE PRODUCTS LLC: 830-751-2119; 519 CR-270, Mico, TX 78056

TEXAS TABLES: 210-273-4133; 172 Simmons Rd, Lakehills, TX 78063. Table manufacturer

TIM SCHOTT FARMS: 830-931-3213; 3391 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056

TNT MECHANICAL FABRICATION: 830-741-7133; 340 CR-253, Mico, TX 78056

TREASURE CABIN: 210-970-9067; 9587 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

VULCAN MATERIALS COMPANY: 830) 612-2701; 18394 FM-1283, Mico, TX 78056. Building materials

WELLS FARGO BANK: 830-751-2287; 9492 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

WHO MADE THAT DESIGNS: 830-612-2848; 385 CR-2740, Mico, TX 78056


American Legion
AMERICAN LEGION: A congressionally chartered mutual-aid organization of military veterans founded to benefit those veterans who served during a wartime.
Local Legion Post: #410, 830-751-3711; 147 26th St, Lakehills, TX 78063. Meets 4th Thurs 7p. Sponsors 4th July Parade & BBQ; Adopt-A-Highway; and annual Chili Cook-Off and Car Show

BANDERA COUNTY PARK AT MEDINA LAKE: P37, Lakehills, TX 78063. Map & Profile. Temporarily closed

LAKEHILLS CIVIC CENTER: 830-751-9904; 210-379-4142; 11225 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063. Bandera County's largest rental hall

LAKEHILLS PUBLIC LIBRARY: 830-510-2777; 7200 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

LAKE MEDINA CONSERVATION SOCIETY & MEDINA RIVER PROTECTION FUND: 210-387-3923; 2272 Mountain Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063. Lake Medina Conservation Society (LAMCOS) serves the interests of Medina Lake and surrounding environs. Non-profit incorporated organization dedicated to protecting Medina Lake and water resources in Bandera County.

MEDINA LAKE BETTERMENT ASSOCIATION: 830-751-9904; Lakehills, TX 78063

MEDINA LAKE PRESERVATION SOCIETY: 210-400-0331; 6821 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056.

MEDINA RIVER PROTECTION FUND: 210-387-3923; POB 417, 2272 Mountain Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063. Medina River Cleanup, annual river cleanup, foster conservation of the river. We clean up approx. 50 miles of the Medina River each year the first Saturday in May.

Mission: The efforts to save Medina Lake don't end with a flood that fills the lake. Our goal is to ensure effective stewardship of the water in the lake to the benefit of the farmers, ranchers, recreational users, area businesses, and surrounding counties.

Note: Churches are listed on this page in a separate category.

Note: For county-wide non-profits, public service & social service organizations, see: County

Note: For Hill Country-wide non-profits, public service and social service organizations, see Hill Country Information

CUMMINS LARRY B DVM: 830-510-4540; 847 Rio Ranchero, Lakehills, TX 78063. Veterinarian

LAKEHILLS ANIMAL HEALTH: 830-751-2617; 8997 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

Note: See separate listing sections for horses, riding, equestrian, and other care.

BASINGER REALTY & REAL ESTATE: 830-612-3009; PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063

BOYLE REALTY: 830-751-3600; 8949 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063-6271

GREAT SOUTHERN REALTY CO: 830-612-2224; HC 3 Box 3545, Lakehills, TX 78063-9730

HI ENERGY REALTY: 210-854-3060; 528 Angel Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063

HUMMINGBIRD REALTY: 830-612-3250; 8866 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063

KAREN RIPLEY REAL ESTATE: 830-868-1131; 1575 Elmhurst Dr, 9317 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063.

LAKEHILLS REALTY: 830-612-3622; 205 Center St, Lakehills, TX 78063

MEDINA LAKE REAL ESTATE: 830-612-2935; Mico, TX 78056

MEDINA LAKE REALTY: 830-612-3709; 9844 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

PIONEER REALTY: 830-612-2185, 9587 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063

TEXAS REALTY NETWORK: 830-612-2730; 100 Canyon Ridge, Lakehills, TX 78063-9705

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ADOLPH'S: 830-751-2440; 9389 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063

APIZZA MIA: 830-751-3555; 9504 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

BUBBA'S PIT STOP 'N GOOD EATS: 7794 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056. Food truck. Closed

CATHY'S SWEETS TEXAS: 210-383-2923, 11768 PR-37, Ste 106, Lakehills, TX 78063. Hand-made chocolate sweets


DANCING BEAR CANTINA & GRILL: 830-751-2160; 7794 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056. Biker friendly. Closed

JSK: 830-688-9999; 125 CR-2749, Mico, TX 78056. Facebook. Soup Kitchen

KELLEY'S IRISH PUB: 830-510-4661; 12246 TX-16 S, Lakehills, TX 78063

LA CABANA MEXICAN CAFE LAKEHILLS TEXAS: 830-612-2990; 9600 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

LOCALS CAFE: 830-796-2040; 11816 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063.

LOS MARBLES: 830-751-2549; 9101 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

MEDINA LAKE COUNTRY CLUB: 830-751-2735; 11530 PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063. Facebook. Restaurant, public

OASIS RESTAURANT: 830-612-3399; 6800 CR-271, Mico, TX 78056

PATIOS DEL LARGO: 830-612-2077; FM-1283 and Elm Creek, Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

POP'S PLACE BAR & GRILL: 830-535-4366; Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

RED COVE CAFE & MARINA: 830-612-2715; 255 CR-2611, Mico, TX 78056. Facebook

RESTAURANTE ARANDAS JALISCO: 830-751-2403; PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed


TADPOLE'S: 830-612-2497; PR-37 & 9th, Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

TURK'S DELI: 830-751-2899; PR-37, Lakehills, TX 78063. Closed

(The) 4 WAY BAR & GRILL (formerly COWAN'S ON THE CREEK): 830-751-3400; 9742 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063. Live entertainment

GOAT HILL CAMP: 830-612-2072; Rt 3, Box 3152, Lakehills, TX 78063

HARBOUR RV RESORT: 210-995-0125; Lakehills, TX 78063. Facebook

LAKE MEDINA RV RESORT: 830-751-2640; 1218 Leibolds Point, Lakehills, TX 78063. Horseback riding riding

LMRV PARK: Leibolds Point, Lakehills, TX 78063

MANGERA'S RV PARK: 830-352-2945; 10038 FM-1283 Lakehills, TX 78063

MEDINA HIGHLANDS PARK: 830-282-1170; 560 Mountain Dr, Lakehills, TX 78063. RV park, full hook-ups.

MEDINA LAKE, THOUSAND TRAILS: 800-480-5611; 830-751-2058; 215 Spettle Rd, Lakehills, TX 78063.

MEDINA LAKE RV CAMPGROUND: 830-751-2444; 215 Spettle Rd, Lakehills, TX 78063.

MEDINA LAKE SPRINGS RV & CAMPING: 210-342-1717; 9600 FM-1283, Bldg B, Lakehills, TX 78063.

MEDINA RESORTS INC: 830-796-4412; 1515 CR-151, Lakehills, TX 78003


(The) ROOST CABINS & RV AT MEDINA LAKE: 210-944-8777; 9948 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

SHADY OAK'S RV PARK: 830-751-26356; PR-37, Mico, TX 78056. Full hook-ups


HILL COUNTRY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 830-535-6151; 6346 FM-1283, Lakehills, TX 78063.

Texas 811
Free Texas 811 Locator


Bandera Electric Cooperative BANDERA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (BEC): 866-226-3372; 830-370-7648; Service Area Map.
Nearest service office: HQ & Local Service Office: 3172 TX-16 N, Bandera, TX 78003. Serves: Bandera, Camp Verde, Medina, Medina Lake, Pipe Creek, Tarpley

INDIAN CREEK INTERNET SERVICE: 888-293-7788; 830-796-7788; 1401 Sycamore St, POB 1565, Bandera, TX 78003. Wireless coverage area include Bandera, Pipe Creek, Lakehills, Hondo, Wharton's Dock, Mico, Rio Medina and Castroville. Also DSL reseller for customers anywhere in the AT&T San Antonio LATA calling area where DSL has been deployed and a Loop Qualification test has been passed.


For Hill Country area utility service providers (electric, gas, water, sewer, trash),
telecom providers (land lines, cellular service, TV, internet), and related services (package delivery, newspaper, etc.), click: Utilities & Telecom



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